Raising a Dispute

Raising a Dispute

At vFulfill, we are committed to providing a smooth experience throughout your journey and make sure we’re always there for you in times of trouble.

To help you with your troubles, you can now report an issue encountered by your end customer in the product, however,  it is important to know that you can file a dispute within 7 days from the date of delivery. 

To handle disputes easily, we suggest that you follow this simple strategy as this will help you effectively tackle customer concerns and handle the situation in a better manner. 

As a first step, we suggest you contact the customer before raising a dispute in order to:

  • Understand the reason for a dispute: This specifically helps in cases when a customer has a misunderstanding of the product and as a result, is willing to file a dispute. If so, we suggest you resolve their issue on the call

  • Understand the nature of the dispute: A dispute can come under different categories, so understanding the nature of concern helps you resolve it better. The customer might have received:

    • A defective or damaged product 

    • Wrong product size or a faulty product 

    • A product that did not match the product description provided on the website

Please note that it is important you ask the customers to provide evidence appropriate for the dispute.

If you feel their concern is genuine and requires attention. Inform us and we will resolve their concern on your behalf. 

vFulfill’s dispute resolution is a systematic process. Hence, we follow these simple steps in resolving an issue: 

Step 1: Our dispute and claims team thoroughly evaluates the concern.

Step 2: After necessary checks and based on the nature of the dispute plus the supporting evidence you provide, the team provides you with either of the 2 possible resolutions: 

  • Replacement: In case a defective or damaged product was delivered, we are happy to replace the product with a brand new product at no extra cost or charges.

  • Refund: If the customer isn’t satisfied with our service and insists on returning the product. We process the refund to your account for the said product and you can further process the refund to your customer.

Note: We are only liable to you for the amount that you have paid to us while placing an order at vFulfill [i.e., vF Cost] and resolution differ on a case-to-case basis.

Now, filing a dispute is a simple process. There are 2 ways you can file a dispute with us: 

1. Through Disputes section within the vFulfill Dashboard 

Step 1: Go to the ‘Disputes’ tab and click on the ‘Add a New Dispute’ button present on the left. 

Step 2: Once you click on the button, a pop-up will appear. Kindly enter and ask for either the ‘Waybill Number, vF Order ID or Shopify Order ID’ associated with the order and click on ‘Continue’.

Step 3: Post that, a form will appear, fill the form and describe the concerns of the dispute and make sure that you upload relevant photo/video evidence as well.  As a final step click

on ‘Continue’ to submit the dispute.

2. Alternatively, you can raise a dispute is through the ‘Shipments’ section within the dashboard 

Step 1: Go to the ‘Shipments’ section within the dashboard and click on ‘Shipment Status’. Change the status from ‘All’ to ‘Delivered’ and all delivered shipments show up on the page.

Step 2: Click on the 'Action Button' present on the side of each delivered shipment and then click on ‘Raise a Dispute’

Step 3: A form will appear, fill the form and describe the concerns of the dispute and make sure that you upload relevant photo/video evidence as well.  As a final step click on ‘Continue’ to submit the dispute.

Note: It is important that you can file a dispute within 7 days from the date of delivery.

Up next, read here to understand the Advanced Reporting System.

Note: If you feel that we missed out on something then, please let us know at support@vfulfill.io and we’ll definitely put it up here.

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