Understanding Dropshipping

Understanding Dropshipping

Understanding dropshipping can be a bit challenging for those who are new to the  online business world and are looking to break into the e-commerce space.

Well, to understand dropshipping better, we have made a  definitive guide which we have collated after a lot of research & our own experiences. Let's start with the guide now,

What is Dropshiping?

Dropshipping is a simple yet effective eCommerce business model that enables online store owners to sell products without actually manufacturing, stocking, or shipping the product. 

In other words, it helps the store owner to operate in the e-commerce space: 
  1. Without maintaining an inventory,
  2. Without owning a warehouse to store products and, 
  3. Without even having to ship products to their customers themselves
The whole idea of Dropshipping is to run e-commerce in an easy, simple and effortless manner  where all you need to do is simply create an online store, import products and just focus on marketing those products.

How does dropshipping work?

Dropshipping essentially is an order fulfillment method where,  the store sells the product and passes on the sales order to a third-party supplier, who then ships the order to the customer.

Let's see what really goes down on the ground level when you dropship an order.
  1. The store owner publishes products he wishes to sell on his online store. The customer sees the product and places an order on the website.
  2. The retailer receives details about the order and forwards the details of the customer and order manually or automatically to the dropship supplier.
  3. The supplier then packages and ships the required products directly to the customer with the store owner’s branding.

Why do I need to consider dropshipping at all?

Just knowing what dropshipping is not enough, It is really important to understand why all these online marketers, entrepreneurs, Shopify store owners or ANYONE choose dropshipping to make profits.

The simplest answer to this question is that  Dropshipping as an eCommerce business can earn you HUGE PROFITS without: 
  1. Any heavy upfront costs of stocking up an inventory or,
  2. Owning a warehouse and,
  3. Better so, it doesn’t even require you to handle the shipping or logistics.
All you have to do as an online store owner is to pick the right products and market them online.

Who is Dropshipping for?

T he beauty of dropshipping is that it is a wonderful business model for anyone who is trying to enter into the online business world.

When we say it is for anyone, we mean,
  1. People passionate about doing business without spending a lot of cash.
  2. Individuals with product ideas that can solve a real-life day-to-day problem.
  3. Online businesses that do not wish to deal with inventory anymore.
  4. Individuals who are first-timers at eCommerce business
  5. People who are good at running Facebook Ads
  6. Homemakers who can spare time during the day
  7. Even students can do dropshipping who are still in college
As you can see, there is no restriction regarding who could do dropshipping. It is a very easy and effective business model which asks you  to be a little innovative and smart with your products and ideas, the rest will follow.  

Note: Also, if you feel that we missed out on something then, please let us know at support@vfulfill.io and we’ll definitely put it up here.

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