vFulfill FAQs

What is vFulfill

vFulfill is a dropshipping fulfillment solution to enable e-commerce in India on Cash-On-Delivery (COD), without having to hold any inventory or worry about managing returns. 

vFulfill was started with a vision to enable dropshipping in India the way it happens around the world. where you bring orders, and we take care of the rest in a way that it stays simple, easy & yet profitable for you! 

It is a dropshipping ecosystem that takes care of you at all the stages starting from sourcing, importing, shipping the products to collecting money for that product and remitting back to you. 

Note: If you feel that we missed out on something then, please let us know at support@vfulfill.io and we’ll definitely put it up here.

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    • How does vFulfill work?

      vFulfill works as your partner to enable you to do profitable dropshipping in India on the COD model. With vFulfill, all you need to do is simply focus on what matters the most which are - ‘Marketing’ and ‘Getting the Orders’ and then, vFulfill will ...
    • Can I also fulfill prepaid orders via vFulfill?

      Yes, absolutely. You can fulfill prepaid orders via vFulfill.  Since vFulfill’s dropshipping ecosystem takes care of shipping and logistics apart from cash collection and remittance. All your prepaid orders fulfillment will follow the same process ...
    • Why is vFulfill charging me more than AliExpress?

      While we at vFulfill do claim to provide prices cheaper than AliExpress. But there are times when prices go higher than AliExpress. We believe this happens because: AliExpress is an online marketplace like Amazon where you can find anything that you ...
    • How does billing in vFulfill work?

      vFulfill by default has a virtual wallet in your account. This wallet is common to one organization even when there are multiple Shopify stores. The wallet is used to place orders at vFulfill. To be able to place orders at vFulfill you need to first ...
    • Why can’t I login into vFulfill?

      Although it is rare but sometimes certain things can interfere with your ability to log in to your vFulfill account. There may be a problem with your login credentials or account status. There are a couple of steps you can follow :  ​ Make sure you ...