What is vF cost reporting?

What is vF cost reporting?

vF Cost Report section provides you with a clear picture of your spendings in a specific time period. It helps you identify the cost and charges related to the order that you place with vFulfill. 

To be able to view the vFs cost report, simply go to Reports and click on  vFCost Report 

Note: You can also see the cost which you have spent within a particular period by simply customizing the calendar which is right below your profile icon. 

Total vF Cost comprises of : 

  • Total Price Cost

  • Total Forward Shipping

  • Total COD Fee

You can view the above-mentioned cost in a tabular presentation. 

You can also analyze the data by choosing the Display Columns from the dropdown as it would show you all the display columns selected from the dropdown in a tabular presentation below. 

In case you wish to pass this data to your Finance team, then you can also download the CSV file of the data by simply clicking on ‘Download CSV’ right below the data.

Up next, read here to understand more about COD Remittance MIS.

Note: If you feel that we missed out on something then, please let us know at support@vfulfill.io and we’ll definitely put it up here.

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