Why is shipping charges more than the product cost? Is there a way to resolve it?

Why is shipping charges more than the product cost? Is there a way to resolve it?

Shipping costs are higher than the product costs only in select cases, which totally depends on the length, breadth, and height of the product plus either the volumetric or dead weight.

Alternatively, the shipping charges are higher when we receive a higher quotation from our vendor.

The way to resolve this is, we would request you to reach out to us directly at  support@vfulfill.io   if such a case arises

And since 90% of our products are sourced from China, we will take it up with our operations team who in-turn will connect with our vendors in China for negotiation and would try to give you a better deal. 

Please note: Negotiations are subject to vendors’ scope and discretion. This does not mean we will always be able to provide you with a lesser price. 

Note: If you feel that we missed out on something then, please let us know at support@vfulfill.io and we’ll definitely put it up here.

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