How to request access/signup on vFulfill

How to Request Access/Signup on vFulfill

Dropshipping in India was total chaos with high return rates that you were not able to make much profits and had to resort to stockshipping.

However, with vFulfill we have enabled dropshipping the same way it happens around the globe. All you need to do is bring in the order and we will take care of the rest in a way that it stays simple, easy & yet profitable for you!

Signing up at vFulfill is an easy task which consists of 2 main steps,

  1. You have to request for access.

  2. After your screening, access is sent to you over email & then you can signup at vFUlfill

Now, let me elaborate upon how  both the process work in a synchronous order, 

1. Requesting for vFulfill access

The first step for you to start dropshipping in India should be signing up on vFulfill and take your dream of dropshipping to a higher level.

To be able to request access at vFulfill, follow the simple steps below.

Step 1: Go to and click on ‘Request Access’ after entering your Email Address. 

Step 2: After entering your email address on the website, you need to fill in a form with some basic details like Name, Email, Number, Skype, etc, and then click on ‘Continue’ to proceed.

Now, basis your answers - your profile will be screened thoroughly and post that you will receive an email from our team. You will get a special signup link from where you can start your journey with us.  

2. Signing up and getting into the vFulfill dashboard

Firstly, I would like to congratulate you upon receiving your special access to signup on vFulfill.

All you need to do now is getting started by clicking on the special link which you received via email.

Soon after, you will be required to fill in some details and click on ‘Continue’. You would then be able to see your vFulfill dashboard.

Up next, read here to understand how you can complete your profile by adding KYC & Banking details.

Note: If you feel that we missed out on something then, please let us know at and we’ll definitely put it up here.

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