Managing Non-Delivery Reports (NDRs)

Managing Non-Delivery Reports (NDRs)

All undelivered orders except for orders that are returned at the doorstep, show up on the NDR panel, NDR stands out for Non-Delivery Report. A Non-Delivery may occur due to various reasons,

  • Unavailability of customers

  • Incorrect delivery address

  • Logistics issue

In all such cases, a Non-Delivery Report (NDR) is raised by our delivery partner. The store owners are required to take action on these NDRs raised on their panel. 

It is important that store owners take action within 24hrs of the request being raised, failure of which can result in an expired non-delivery.

vFulfill’s NDR Panel comprises of:

1. Open NDR: These are orders on which delivery attempt was made however due to any of the above-stated reasons - it led to a Non-Delivery. The store owners are thus required to take necessary actions on these non-deliveries on a regular basis. 

2. Responded NDR: These are the orders on which action has been taken by the store owner for either Reattempt in Delivery or Marked as Return-to-Origin basis their conversation and understanding with the customer

3. Expired NDR: Any open NDR on which no necessary action is taken for 24hrs automatically becomes an Expired NDR. Further, an expired non-delivery is marked as Returned-to-Origin

As part of NDR action, store owners can opt to:  

  1. Reattempt delivery in case the customer was unavailable during the previous delivery attempt.
  2. In cases of an incorrect address, we suggest you connect with customers to get correct correspondence and reattempt delivery.
A maximum of 3 reattempts is possible for any order. If delivery is still unsuccessful, it automatically is marked as Return-to-Origin.

Up next, read here to understand how to file a dispute.

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